In this day and age, the Technology Age, if you are home shopping you can not afford to look at homes with a prequalification letter in your file. If you find yourself working with a real estate sales representative who shows you more than one home without insisting that you get prequalified then you are working with an amateur. Looking for a good Fairbanks or North Pole Alaska home means that you must be ready to compete. You must be ready to pull the trigger the moment you walk into a house that gives you that warm and fuzzy feeling, that feeling that says “welcome home” and if you can not make an offer that day without letting the seller know that you are a good candidate for a mortgage you are making your offer at a serious disadvantage. The seller will sign another offer and you will find yourself heartbroken!

The professional Realtors at Empire Realty can refer you to local lenders who know the market, know the interesting (and goofy) challenges that the Interior of Alaska can present and who are still able to present you with loan terms that are nationally competitive. Having a relationship established with a good lender gives you access. It gives you access to having your questions and concerns immediately answered. It gives you access to receiving advice on movement with interest rates and costs associated with different loan types. It gives you access to a prequalification letter that lets the seller know that you can actually afford and purchase their home and it also allows you to get that letter updated quickly in the event of time sensitive negotiations. And guess what? All negotiations are time sensitive!

The objections that I honestly run into the most when encouraging folks to get with a lender, someone that I recommend, is that they aren’t ready. They aren’t ready for the time it will take, they aren’t ready for the cost associated and they aren’t credit ready. My response is always the same – how do you know you’re not ready if you haven’t asked? Getting a loan application filled out and submitted online does take time but not as much as you think. Speaking with that loan officer after that to get more particulars hammered out is free. And the loan officer is often a sales person, too, who really wants you to get that loan so if you aren’t credit ready right now they will tell you the fastest route and the best way to remedy your credit so they can do a loan for you. That loan officer is on your side!

To get with a local lender and prepare for a fast and successful sale call Empire Realty at (907) 374-4663.

Joel Johnson


Empire Realty