I get asked all the time when the best time to sell your Fairbanks Alaska or North Pole Alaska home. Usually the home owner asks me one of two questions. When is the best time to sell my house? or, Am I too late to sell my house this year? My answer to both is related to our sales cycle and we have a pretty predicable rhythm.

Home sales in Fairbanks and North Pole look like a two humped camel. We have our most activity in the spring and then again in the fall with a little lull in the summer months. The spring is a little sooner than most folks think, in my experience, being the months of February, March and April. Many home owners begin the process of preparing and listing their homes right off the bat after the holiday season and then list them in those spring months following. Buyers are also recovering from Christmas and are beginning to look ahead to warmer months and kids being out of school and the possibility of moving during the summer. Listing activity grows and buyer inquiries match. There are a lot of offers written and accepted in those spring months.

Summer, which I think of as May, June and July, see many folks in the interior take off to go fishing or travel Outside. Locals also have family visit them during those months and they will naturally put their home sales plans on hold while entertaining long term visitors.

After that, August, September and October, seller realize that they need to sell their houses fast if they want to move before the snow flies. Buyers have the same motivation! The action that develops during these fall months will typically bring us into the holiday season and through. Typically January is the absolute slowest month of the year. That’s when realtors go on vacation!

It is not too late to get your home sold fast this year still. If you’re considering it and need a nudge in the right direction always feel free to call Empire Realty at (907) 374-4663.

Joel Johnson


Empire Realty