Although it is only the end of January here at Empire Realty we have noticed a significant amount of buyer activity already and we predict that 2019 will be a busy year for us. If you have been thinking about selling your home this could be your time but don’t wait because the local military community is changing out. Every three years or so a lot of our local military folks get orders to have a Permanent Change of Station and this spring is one of those moments. It is PCS season in Fairbanks and North Pole and there will be new soldiers arriving here in the next few months.

These new soldiers are already getting their orders and that means that they are home shopping on the internet right now. I am setting showing appointments and walking through homes on a video call with new buyers, showing homes remotely, this week. I will be writing sight unseen offers and timing sales so that when the buyers arrive they will be closing on their transaction within a few short weeks. Experienced soldiers know that they only have a month or less after arrival to find lodging and beginning their home search after they have boots on the ground puts a real pinch on the process. They start looking at homes before they even get here.

As a home seller you do not want to miss this opportunity to put your great house in front of a lot of active home buyer eyeballs. The PCS season has already begun and we are tracking arrivals in March and April. If you have the ability to act now to achieve a sale this year, I would encourage you to get in touch with the team here at Empire as soon as possible. Listing your home in June will be too late to catch the wave. Our home selling experts are ready to serve.

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Joel Johnson


Empire Realty