I’ve been showing quite a few houses recently and it has been good to get out of the office. Home shopping in Fairbanks and North Pole Alaska is always entertaining if nothing else. The wide variety of styles of construction and living are on full display. Something struck me over and over again as I went into a lot of these house that I’d like to share. The number one, cheapest and easiest thing to do, BY FAR AND AWAY, to make your home presentable is to clean it. And I mean really clean!

I’ve been selling houses so long that the very basics sometimes go unsaid by me because I just assume that everyone knows the very basics. After my experience of the last few weeks, however, I see that I need to stop assuming and come right out and state the basics: Cleaning your home is absolutely critical. It will cost you time and not much else. I was amazed at how many of the houses I looked at were not clean. I don’t mean that they weren’t staged to look like a magazine. I don’t mean that they weren’t remodeled with new cabinets and appliances. I don’t mean that they only got one coat of fresh paint instead of two. I mean that they weren’t even cleaned up to the extend that there were dirty dishes in the sink!

The rule of thumb is to clean your house as if you were hosting Easter dinner before a showing. It takes a lot of time so don’t wait until the day of the showing. Selling a house is hard work – start packing, put the boxes in a closet or the garage and then clean the room that they came out of. Really clean it. Wipe down the baseboard heaters, wash the walls, shampoo the carpets and clean window sills for starters. Make that room and then the house as clean as humanly possible.

At Empire Realty we have established relationships with house cleaners, too, who do an awesome job. To chat about cleaning for sales success and listing your home call Empire Realty at (907) 374-4663.

Joel Johnson


Empire Realty