Do we have the best real estate agents at Empire Realty? Yes and no. I feel like they are the best otherwise I would not have them at the brokerage. But they are actually not agents. The State of Alaska changed up the language of real estate agency a few years ago and we are now known simply as licensees. Saying that we have the best real estate licensees just does not have the same ring as saying we have the best real estate agents in my opinion. I make every effort to refer to us as licensees however, when folks have been using the word agent for as long as they have, I do not try to correct them.

There were certain responsibilities that came along with operating under an agency relationship that many members of the general public did not quite grasp. For instance, there is something called vicarious liability where you could be held legally responsible for something your real estate agent told someone on the other side of a transaction even if you did not tell her to say it or even knew that she said it. Translation: if your real estate agent takes it upon herself to lie you can be sued for it. Most people do not want to be sued for something that they had no idea was happening and the State of Alaska realized that. The legislature went through our statutes and removed agency language and added licensee language. We are no longer real estate agents.

When the State did that they also recognized that there are positive things that come from having the best real estate agent in the market working for you and they kept the positive aspects of that relationship when they defined what a licensee can do. Now, as licensees, we still offer representation during the course of your real estate purchase. We have list of duties that we follow that are to your benefit.

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Joel Johnson


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