We have just had an awesome last week. There are many success stories that are happening in the Empire Realty office right now – buyers who are getting the house of their dreams and sellers that are getting fantastic offers fast. Do you want to sell your Fairbanks or North Pole home fast? Of course you do! Have you heard that homes don’t sell over the winter here? That is bad intel. Selling your home fast for top dollar is not just a random occurrence, rather, it is the culmination of careful planning, preparation, pricing and execution. Please don’t get caught in the trap of thinking that testing the market right now (putting it out there with limited information, marketing and a high price just to “see” what will happen) is a good strategy.

One of our senior sales reps put a house on the market over the weekend for $450,000 and it is has garnered 10 showings in the last 48 hours and 2 offers already. He is a pro and will keep all parties informed while maximizing the bottom dollar for the seller. The house will sell for more money than it listed for. Selling your home fast is a benefit in this day and age. If you spend too much time on the market you will be in the position of chasing the momentum down and that means price reductions. It means too many price reductions. Don’t do it! Price it right to start.

This house that we are accepting competing offers on looks awesome. The sales rep took time to work with the seller to appropriately price the house. He took time to offer staging suggestions which the sellers took to heart. He sent his professional photographer up to the house and she did a great job. He wrote remarks that enticed buyers to schedule a showing right now. He prepared a sales packet that had answers to a prospective buyers questions so that immediately after they looked at the house they could drive to the office and write it up. He did not test the market – he mastered the market! The best part? His clients are the ones receiving the benefit!

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Joel Johnson


Empire Realty