As you prepare to sell your Fairbanks or North Pole Alaska home one thing is probably on your mind more than any other: what is my house worth? Too much focus on the price can mask the real outcome of a sale where dollars and cents concerned: the bottom line! Just because one Realtor tells you they can get you a higher sales price than another Realtor doesn’t mean they will ultimately put the most money in your pocket. Insist on a clear cost estimate upfront.

I can’t tell you how many people I’ve met with over the years that have either spoken with or have been listed with another sales office and immediately tell me what the other office said they were going to do for them when I begin a market analysis in terms of some inflated sales price. No problem, I say, what will be left over if you hire those folks? I am usually met with a blank stare. If you want to do a true comparison from one office to another then a thorough cost estimate is the only way to do it. You must get one from each office and then you will have an apples to apples comparison of costs and your potential bottom line. Different offices have different commission structures that can significantly impact costs.

I always do a cost estimate for my home sellers even if they are committed to me right off the bat, which they often are, and it is not because of the perceived competition from another sales person. It is because that initial estimate becomes our guide when we get an offer and are looking at a real sale! How on earth can you possibly tell if an offer is getting you what you want in your pocket if you haven’t set that expectation upfront? I’ll tell you that digesting an offer and the true costs, especially if a buyer is negotiating hard for you to pay a lot of closing costs, can be really difficult if you are running the numbers for the first time after the offer rolls in. Emotions are high and approaching the situation rationally is a real challenge.

I’m proud of the good work we do at Empire Realty with regard to setting realistic and honest expectations upfront and then negotiating from a position of authority when an offer rolls in because we have done our homework and know the numbers. I’ve found that time and time again the best negotiating position is to know their number and know your numbers.

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Joel Johnson


Empire Realty