I have been a big advocate for getting a home inspection on your house before putting in on the market to sell for years. A common question I’m asked when discussing this strategy is how long is the inspection good for? And it’s a great one.

There are a number of different reasons to get an inspection done before marketing your home and finding a buyer. Having a list of repairs to knock out while you are still preparing the house by packing, cleaning and staging and then coordinating repairs with a local handyperson is actually a lot easier than it sounds. The old way of approaching a sale was to make the property look great, list it, sell your house fast and then sit back while the buyer performs a home inspection. Well, half of the time in Fairbanks or North Pole when someone is selling their home it is in preparation to leave the area and often the buyer doesn’t come along until after the seller is gone. Coordinating bids and repairs while out of town and under the pressure of a contract with a deadline is a heck of a lot more stressful than getting estimates and hiring folks to work for you while you still live in the house.

The question then becomes – how long will that inspection be good for? The short answer is that it doesn’t expire. The long answer is that buyers will consider it to be valid if it was part of the current sales preparation process. The other thing to realize is that a home inspection, and the counterpart final inspection once repairs are completed, is simply just an additional item of disclosure. It is a great way to show a prospective buyer that a seller cares about the house and wants to present it in its best possible condition. It does not deter a buyer from getting their own inspection after they write an offer! In a perfect world a seller gets a home inspection while we are preparing the house, does all the items on the report and has a final inspection completed before making the listing active. Then a buyer comes along, writes a strong offer and performs their own inspection! From a liability perspective I always encourage more professional inspections in a transaction then less.

It is totally reasonable to spend six months getting your house in Fairbanks Alaska ready to sell. As part of your sales packet a completed home inspection is a powerful tool that will set you apart from most other houses that are on the market and are your competition. If it is obvious that the report was performed as part of current efforts to make the property saleable no one will complain about a report even one that is six months old or older. For other great advice on how to prepare your house for a fast and successful sale call Empire Realty at (907) 374-4663.

Joel Johnson


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