Interesting news on homes in North Pole Alaska yesterday on the front page of the newspaper. Construction projects in North Pole are on the rise according to the author and numerous sources. What does that mean to you? If you are a buyer looking for a new home then inventory should start to relax over the next year and give you some more choices. If you are a home owner and considering selling your home over the next year or two it will mean that you have more competition and that can mean lower prices and more confident buyers.

If you have been thinking about preparing your home for the market then time is not necessarily on your side. The popular thinking has been that with the coming F-35 deployment on the horizon there will be a rise in population and a shortage of homes which will put a pinch on inventory and prices will rise. The word is out - builders are responding and the shortage of homes that was predicted may not come to pass at all. If there are just as many homes as needed then prices won't rise and if homes are overbuilt then prices will go down!

Gambling types may want to hold out and see what happens but the normal homeowner probably should get their home ready and on the market as soon as possible. We have the experience and resources to help. Pricing and preparation of your home should be purposeful and Empire Realty has multiple listing representatives that can help you get a handle on marketing your home to limit your market time and maximize your sales price. Preparation are the key and typically involves some time to get your exterior and interior dialed in. Remember, very quickly new homes are going to be your competition. A home buyer is going to look at your home and then go down the street and look at a new home. How you position your house to compete against that new home is critical.

To give yourself the time to make a great plan to sell your North Pole Alaska home and execute it call Empire Realty today at 907-374-4663.

Joel Johnson


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