With the recent dip in temperature down to -40F we’ve been fielding phone calls from owners and tenants for heating emergencies. I personally spent half of Saturday at a listing of mine making sure that fuel was delivered and the boiler was running smoothly because it had run out of fuel just that morning. We’re having a problem in town that I haven’t noticed before which is homes that are on autofill seem to be running dry. This house that I was at on Saturday was a great example because fuel was supposed to be delivered two days earlier. There is a lock on the tank that the driver didn’t have a key for so he put a door hanger on the front door and checked a box that stated he couldn’t deliver fuel and went on his way. The problem? The owners are out of town.

The tip is not to assume that you have a full tank of fuel these days. Please be proactive and dip your fuel tank to make sure it is well supplied. I’ve used everything over the years to measure fuel – from a washer on a string to a dipstick with a metal extension handle but my favorite thing these days is a measuring tape that I’ve dedicated to dipping fuel tanks. It pretty much ruins the measuring tape for any other work but it is worth it in my opinion. I can’t drop the measuring tape in the tank by accident, I can feel the tank clearly when it bottoms out and even if the fill pipe has some gentle bends in it the tape can maneuver around them.

Keep up the communication with your fuel provider. Double check that fuel did make it in your tank on the day it was suppose to. Dip your own fuel tank. Take an active role in making sure that your awesome house isn’t jeopardized with a freeze up because of an error on anyone’s part. Stay warm and cozy for the rest of this winter!

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Joel Johnson


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